Last Night In Tokyo

For our last night all together in Tokyo we went to Shin-Juku. It was real nice and filled with shopping places and food joints all over. For our last group dinner our instructor decided to take us for Shabu-Shabu. It was similar to the Korean BBQ in the aspect that you had to cook your own food but different because you didn’t have to grill the food. It was a pot filled with broth and they gave us veggies to put in there and raw meat. They provided us with a bowl of rice to start off with. To cook the meat all you had to do was dip the meat in the pot for a min or so and it was cooked. Also they had different sauces for us to put on our food. It was a lot of fun. It amazed me how fast I could cook raw meat in a pot.

3 thoughts on “Last Night In Tokyo

  1. Courtney A. Griffin says:

    The food was absolutely great! I swear all I did in Japan was eat! I even loved the Shin-Juku, I wish I would have known about the town before the last day. It seemed like Shibuya, less hectic, I would have definitely enjoyed touring that area and of course… Shopping!

  2. kevinb18 says:

    At first when I found out that we had to cook the food ourselves again I had a problem but the food cooked in like three seconds and it was good and plus it was all you can eat so I enjoyed it. The meat didn’t really fill me up that much it was more of the rice that filled me up but it taste good when you mixed the rice and the meat together.

  3. jodarbs says:

    This night was very memorable for me. The food at this restaurant was so delicious, and it might have tasted the way it did due to the fact that I cooked the food myself. I honestly didn’t even know what type of meat I was consuming but I know it taste something like a very lean steak, and there was rice to go with it.

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