Food=smaller portions

Japan is not like America in the sense that they do not tend to overeat.  I noticed that everything is smaller portions. If you order chicken and fries in Japan you probably will get about only 12 fries and little pieces of chicken. They are very health conscious that is why most of the Japanese are not obese.  Most are very slim and I can see why. Although at first I was disappointed in the smaller portions it helped me to be more conscious in what I was eating and taught me not to overeat. You would be surprised that the smaller portion actually made me more full than eating as much as I usually would. It took a little while to get used to the small portions but after being there for a week I knew what to expect when eating. I believe if America could cut back just a little bit then our people will be better off and there will be less health problems.japanese food

Night Life in Tokyo

night lifeAt night you see all types of things going on Tokyo. There are several different people who try to attract you too things like clubs. You even see men dressed as rockers to get you too spend time with them and spend money on girls they promote. In Ropingi there were several Nigerians who tried to talk to the study abroad group. They wanted us to go to their clubs but that was not going to happen. So we just continued to ignore them. I must say it is real beautiful at night. It’s lit up and full of life and things to do. So we had no problem finding things to get into. On the strip there are several food places to try. They had a few American ones as well such as T.G.I Friday, and Hard Rock Cafe of Tokyo. Nightlife is a big part of Ropingi being that is one of the club districts in Tokyo.