Japan’s Leading Transportation

In Japan most people take public transportation everywhere. So today we visited Japan Rail East which is leader in Japan’s transportation. They are Japan’s largest railway company. We learned a lot about how they are trying to make it easier for people to get from place to place. There working on making faster trains for more efficiency.  Also installing systems where people can print where they are trying to go and it tells them what trains to take. They had plenty ideas to improving their railway. Such as they want to establish a smart station. The smart station consist of smart space, personalized information, interactive terminal, security, and providing easy-to understand train status information. Also making interactive signs to show you which train is coming next and how close it to where you are located. They gave us a tour of the projects they are working on and also of the new shopping and train area they are trying to make.

3 thoughts on “Japan’s Leading Transportation

  1. shastokes says:

    It was kind of weird seeing most of Japan’s business people taking the subway everyday. Men and women took the subway dressed in business suits and women dressed in professional attire as well. One thing I liked about the J Rail company is the route finder machine. It helped us find an efficient way to travel to the airport the day we were leaving Japan!

  2. vidajimenez says:

    After interning in New York City last summer it was nice to compare the subway stations since both populations are large and most people use the subway system. One thing I noticed was the low noise level and the cleanliness of Japan. I also love how the trains were also on time if not early. Even in East Lansing our bus system is very unorganized and never on time. I wish we had bullet trains!

  3. Radin says:

    It was a good opportunity for us to visit JR, after all the useful facilities they had provided in transporting our group to different cities in Japan.
    One of the things I would like to see releases by JR soon, is the iPhone app they were working on. In that app, one will be able to check the train schedules easily on their iPhone.

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