Cleanest Place on Earth

Japan is so clean they feel their is no need to have trash cans on the streets. Which at times was real annoying because when I wanted to throw trash away I couldn’t because there was no trash can in site. It’s rare in the US to walk down the street and not see garbage on the ground but in Japan it would be weird to see garbage. I think in Japan they must pride themselves on cleanliness so that is why their is no garbage around. I wonder if there was ever a time when the streets were messy or has it always been clean. I feel bad for the homeless because there is no trash left for them eat off of. Even in the areas of Japan that were poor there still wasn’t trash around the area. These are the reasons why I believe Japan is the cleanest place on earth.

3 thoughts on “Cleanest Place on Earth

  1. shastokes says:

    Yes I do agree that in Japan it is very clean and I had the same problem with wanting to throw away my Mc. Donald’s’ garbage, but could not find a trash can anywhere in sight! When I was walking down a little side street one night, I did notice bags of trash out front of the stores. I was thinking maybe that is how they take out their trash for the day? Hmm, but on another note, Japan was very clean!!!

  2. Velma says:

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