5th Day in Japan

Sunday May 16, 2010

Today was the MSU Alumni Annual Luncheon. It was real nice we got the opportunity to meet Alumni some who had the same major as us. We also meet up with the other study abroad group who is also in Tokyo the supply chain management group. So we all got to interact together. It was tons of food and open bar which was real cool. There was a short presentation that took place and we sang the fight song which was fun. We had the opportunity to show our school spirit. It was nice to have the chance to  mingle with our peers and Alumni. At the end we took pictures of the whole group.

My study abroad group after the luncheon was on our way to Osaka for a few days. So we had to carry some of our luggage with us to the luncheon so we could leave straight for Osaka. It took us about 2 hours to get to Osaka. We arrived to Osaka later that night. We stayed in a beautiful shopping district full of stores to explore.

4th Day in Tokyo

Saturday May 15, 2010


Today was cool. We visited the temple. It was a cultural shock for me. I saw men in kimonos and diapers. The temple was very extravagant. There was so much stuff going on.  On the way to the temple there were several shops everywhere. The people participated in cultural rituals. I saw kids banging on drums giving thanks to their ancestors on their way to the temple. Also I saw a group of men and women carrying ritual things to the temple. They were all dressed in ceremonial outfits and special shoes for marching to the temple. On the way to the temple there were all sorts of vendors that sold everything you could imagine and more. I found lots of souvenirs for my friends and family. I was a little disappointed at the fact we couldn’t actually go inside the temple since we had done all that walking to get there. But it was cool the experience of it all and to say the new cultural experience.

Later that day we went to see the Sumo wrestlers. They weren’t as big as I expected them to be. It was cool that I got to see them in real life then just watching them on television or movies. There are a lot of rituals that go into to Sumo matches. They take a lot of breaks to read off and show these scrolls to the audience. The matches don’t really last long they are usually over in 15 seconds. If it’s a real intense match then it will be over in 30 seconds. At the match I tried this new to me flavor of ice cream which was cappuccino.  At the time I thought it was chocolate to I began to eat it.


3rd Day in Tokyo

May 14th 2010

keioToday we got the opportunity to visit Keio University. It was great to be able to interact with other college students from another country. They have a lovely campus they showed us around and invited us to lunch in their cafe. Keio has a beautiful campus there founder is a very important man he is featured on the yen. They had a presenter who presented on Twitter and how it is used differently in Japan than it is America. For their twitter they use nicknames that only people that know them will know them by. They don’t usually follow celebs they just use it to communicate it with friends and family.

Later that day we met with Q? Entertainment. They are a game publishing company and mobile gaming company. Q entertainment has published games for Sony Playstation, and Xbox360. Their horse game made number one in Japan for the mobile games. It was real neat you get to customize your horse and buy outfits and things for the horse.

2nd Day In Tokyo, Japan

May 13th 2010

Today was a great day we meet with two amazing companies DNP Company and FutureScope. At DNP we saw some of the finest technology I have ever seen. We learned about the story tube which is used to transform the image and the mouse acquires camera’s rotation in the tube. But I must say my favorite visit was with Futurescope. It was amazing they can turn 2d movies into 3d. We saw several examples of regular movies turned into 3d from their system. In Japan they take the mobile gaming industry by force. Their goal is to one day have their mobile games available around the world but for right now they would like to be number one in Japan. Their mobile company is called Fields mobile but it’s all under Futurescope. They have this cool email service where they can generate photos that you take off your phone straight to your email and you can design  them. Futurescope was very nice at the end of the company overview we won several prizes. I won a anime t-shirt from playing rock, paper,scissors.

Stephanie Jones in Japan

Later that day we had Korean BBQ which was the best food ever. I enjoyed that we got too cook our meat. It was fun, different, and just overall a great new experience. The president of FutureScope and other colleagues ate with us which was cool. At dinner I guessed Dr. C’s age and won a thousand yen. YAY ME!!

My first Full Day in Japan

May 12th 2010

Today was a very interesting day. I learned all about how to use the Subway system. Japan’s technology is so more advance than the US. Today we meet with D3 Publishing. The company publishes games for Xbox 360, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP.  In Japan they are big on Adult Content gaming. Our study abroad group had the opportunity to view some of their games such as Dream C club which is for males to watch the girls and Vitamin Z for the ladies entertainment. Not only do they have games for consoles but also they provide content for mobile phones. They have 1.3 members for their mobile gaming. Carrier provider has ownership of the mobile gaming. The games starts off free but eventually you have to pay for the game. After D3 Publishing we had the opportunity to visit Tokyo Tower. The view of Tokyo from the tower was amazing. I saw most of what Tokyo has to offer and I loved every part of it. Overall my day was great full of plenty new experiences.