2nd Day In Tokyo, Japan

May 13th 2010

Today was a great day we meet with two amazing companies DNP Company and FutureScope. At DNP we saw some of the finest technology I have ever seen. We learned about the story tube which is used to transform the image and the mouse acquires camera’s rotation in the tube. But I must say my favorite visit was with Futurescope. It was amazing they can turn 2d movies into 3d. We saw several examples of regular movies turned into 3d from their system. In Japan they take the mobile gaming industry by force. Their goal is to one day have their mobile games available around the world but for right now they would like to be number one in Japan. Their mobile company is called Fields mobile but it’s all under Futurescope. They have this cool email service where they can generate photos that you take off your phone straight to your email and you can design  them. Futurescope was very nice at the end of the company overview we won several prizes. I won a anime t-shirt from playing rock, paper,scissors.

Stephanie Jones in Japan

Later that day we had Korean BBQ which was the best food ever. I enjoyed that we got too cook our meat. It was fun, different, and just overall a great new experience. The president of FutureScope and other colleagues ate with us which was cool. At dinner I guessed Dr. C’s age and won a thousand yen. YAY ME!!

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