My first Full Day in Japan

May 12th 2010

Today was a very interesting day. I learned all about how to use the Subway system. Japan’s technology is so more advance than the US. Today we meet with D3 Publishing. The company publishes games for Xbox 360, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP.  In Japan they are big on Adult Content gaming. Our study abroad group had the opportunity to view some of their games such as Dream C club which is for males to watch the girls and Vitamin Z for the ladies entertainment. Not only do they have games for consoles but also they provide content for mobile phones. They have 1.3 members for their mobile gaming. Carrier provider has ownership of the mobile gaming. The games starts off free but eventually you have to pay for the game. After D3 Publishing we had the opportunity to visit Tokyo Tower. The view of Tokyo from the tower was amazing. I saw most of what Tokyo has to offer and I loved every part of it. Overall my day was great full of plenty new experiences.

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