3rd Day in Tokyo

May 14th 2010

keioToday we got the opportunity to visit Keio University. It was great to be able to interact with other college students from another country. They have a lovely campus they showed us around and invited us to lunch in their cafe. Keio has a beautiful campus there founder is a very important man he is featured on the yen. They had a presenter who presented on Twitter and how it is used differently in Japan than it is America. For their twitter they use nicknames that only people that know them will know them by. They don’t usually follow celebs they just use it to communicate it with friends and family.

Later that day we met with Q? Entertainment. They are a game publishing company and mobile gaming company. Q entertainment has published games for Sony Playstation, and Xbox360. Their horse game made number one in Japan for the mobile games. It was real neat you get to customize your horse and buy outfits and things for the horse.

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