Tokyo Giants

The most exciting baseball game I have ever seen. I never knew how big baseball was in Japan until I had the opportunity to experience it first hand. The crowd was hype and they cheered on the team all the way throughout the game. Even though baseball is big in the US I don’t recall the audience being hype throughout the whole game. Tokyo Giants were an amazing team. When it seemed like the other team was going to come back that’s when Tokyo Giants went in for the kill. The game never had a dull moment. I never seen such an enthused crowd for baseball. Even if the team made an error the fans always showed their support. It gave me a new outlook on the game of baseball. To the Japanese baseball is like football or basketball for the US. I really enjoyed myself and was a little sad when the game was over.

One thought on “Tokyo Giants

  1. MeriInJapan says:

    That was such a great game, I’m really glad we went. I thought it was awesome that we got to see two homeruns! And seeing how respectful the fans were of the opposing fans was amazing. I don’t think I heard one “boo” throughout the whole game. I wish American baseball games were that awesome!

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