Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is a very traditional ceremony in the Japanese culture. When you first enter you must remove your shoes before sitting for the ceremony. Then once seated they bring you treats. I did not really like the treats because they were way to sugary and tasted like playdoh. Next the lady who was in charge of the tea ceremony began to make the tea.  She made each person’s tea individually. When you received your tea you had to turn it to the left the cup then say a chant with her. It’s like a greeting for presenting the tea but also a thank you for receiving the tea. When it was my turn I forgot one of the sayings on accident. So I hope they weren’t too disappointed in me. Overall it was a great new experience and it taught me more about the Japanese culture. I was glad I got a first hand look at their different customs.

2 thoughts on “Tea Ceremony

  1. botorow1 says:

    That tea ceremony was very formal. Luckily I sat in the first seat so she helped me with the chants. I didn’t really find the treats too sugary. The first were actually made of rice and tasted kind of bland to me. The Play-Doh treat I ate on a dare. That’s when I got food poisoning and couldn’t go out that night to Karaoke. I guess I learned my lesson. 😦

  2. barry1033 says:

    They made the treat really sugary for a reason. The green tea in the tea ceremony suppose to be very very biter in order to balance the sweetness of the treat. Indeed one of the treats tasted like Play-Doh. Personally, i dont really like it. Dont worry about the chant, they wont mind since we are forigner. In the formal ceremony, we were suppose to sit on our kneel the whole time…..

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