Sunday May 23, 2010

Today all of us are headed to Harajuku and the gaming district. In Harajuku it was a culture shock for me. The girls dressed very different but it was kind of cool. From their hair all the way to their clothes were very colorful. It’s nice how in Japan you are accepted for who you are and no matter what you wear. But if they were in the States they would be definitely be judged and thought of to be weird. I feel like maybe in Japan you are able to express yourself more.


Later on we went to the gaming district. Within the gaming district there are a ton a maid cafe’s. Maid cafe’s are very popular in the Japanese culture. They have this unique way of doing things at the cafe. We ended up eating at Maidreamin. Every time a dish came out we had to sing a chant with the maid. I tried this desert it was good it was pancakes that were decorated with a cute face with two scoops of chocolate almond ice cream. It’s very animated and original.

3 thoughts on “Harajuku

  1. jaredinjapan says:

    Harajuku was a bit of a disappointment for me, kind of expected more cosplayers up and down the streets or at least cool costumes in the stores; sadly I didn’t see either. As for the maid café in Akihabara that’s an experience. I think I ordered the same thing as you the Panda Ice-cream Pancake. I’ll admit that it got a bit annoying having to cheer after every dish was served, even though it started out fun. Although I think Pvan really mixed things up when he ordered the spaghetti it was really cute and setting up for that picture was a blast.

  2. fleuritta says:

    I did not enjoy the cheering much. To be candid, I felt as if I was transported years back to kindergarden; the ambience was rather childish. However, I have to admit that the icescreams were a blast and I loved the costumes and the hairdoes of the cafemaids. The decorations and the lights embellished the place. Overall, I enjoyed contemplating the room. I loved it when Pvan ordered the Spaghetti dish and we got to have a picture with the cafemaids! That was fun! We owe a big thanks to Pvan!

  3. jodarbs says:

    Harajuku was a very big culture shock for me as well I had never scene anyone in person dressed in this manner before. So what I did was what the quote said, “when in Japan do has the Japanese”. So I went out and bought a harajuku outfit and wore it out on the town and I didn’t receive as many stares as I thought I would, probably because there use to seeing clothing like that.

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