Not Cheap to Live in Japan

Wednesday May 19, 2010

I’m learning that everything here is costly. It cost almost $7 or more a day to get around Japan. Their gas is so high I figure that is the reason why so many people don’t drive. Most people just get on the subway or take a cab. It cost money to do just about anything. I love Japan but I could only live here for a short amount of time because this country is to expensive. I find myself spending at least $30 a day on food alone. There is so much to see and do around here that you just want to spend a ton of money. But it would be money I don’t have. It’s cool how they dress here it is so different than the states. Most of the females dress like dolls and their fashion is out of this world.

japanese girlsI’m pretty sure to put together there outfits wasn’t cheap.

But overall I would not pass up the opportunity to be here because it is truly a experience of a lifetime.

One thought on “Not Cheap to Live in Japan

  1. mussere1 says:

    I actually calculated that travel expenses from riding the subway everyday are less expensive than owning a car and all the costs that are associated with that. As far as food goes, I’d say that it’s probably just as expensive to live in New York and eat out everyday as it is in Tokyo. I’m assuming many people in Tokyo, like us in the United States go to the grocery store and stock up on bulk food to save money instead of eating out every day. So while living in Japan may still be expensive its probably not as expensive as you think it is.

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